2X10 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet Empty, Orange Tolex BG2X10HT
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  • 2X10 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet Empty, Orange Tolex BG2X10HT

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You are looking at a professionally designed and made, 2 x 10 speaker + tweeter  bass guitar empty speaker cabinet - 100% AMERICAN MADE.  "NOTE,when you buy American MADE product you help to US economy"This cabinet is designed to work mainly with Eminence DELTA 10LF, or many other similar 10 inch bass guitar speakers. In the bass guitar speaker industry today, there are many options, and now you can create your own bass guitar speaker model starting with your favorite color or components. We all know that any decent 2X10 bass guitar speaker cabinet that is made in America, sounds fairly good and is a (NAME BRAND), it will cost anywhere between $600.00 to $800.00. with the exception of the ones made in CHINA,  Well, now in these tough times we can help you to sound more than decent (if not better!), for a lot less $$! We have created and engineered this fantastic pre-wired bass guitar cabinet kit that you can purchase - the entire kit or just the parts you need.


Now let’s keep this in mind - to make a professional 2X10 bass guitar speaker cabinet you need two good 10 inch bass guitar speakers, most likely you will need a decent tweeter. Now, if you use a good tweeter, you will need a cross over designed and engineered for that particular tweeter - and to keep control over the sound of your tweeter you’ll need a high frequency attenuator to allow your tweeter to sound as loud or as soft as you prefer. All of these professional components are now available to the end user. We have professionally designed the cabinet with the appropriate tuning and designed the cross over for two of the most popular and easily obtainable tweeters in the bass guitar industry. All you need is the two 10 inch bass guitar or similar speakers.

This cabinet is 100% made in the USA with 3/4 inch(18 mm) multilayer plywood and inside bracing to avoid unwanted vibrations. This is the real deal – NO particle board or MDF!


Cabinet  includes: Beauty Orange Tolex Finish, original Penn Elcom stackable plastic corners, metal bar handles, 5" X 7" metal jack plate with dual Amphenol Speakon connectors, 16" wires soldered in parallel, rubber feet are included, all parts are included and installed.  Cabinet size: 21-1/2" wide X 16" deep X 17" high. Cabinet weight: 25 lbs. Note: UPS dimensional weight may apply!


OPTIONAL: components  available - see additional pictures.
• 4 inch x 4 inch DT150 Selenium JBL Super Tweeter add $34.95 
• 4 inch x 4 inch GPA-H985 Phenolic diaphragm super tweeter add $23.95,
• 5 inch x 7 inch Metal Jack plate with original AMPHENOL Speakon connector,  high pass cross over with high freq. 

   volume attenuator all pre-connected, ready to hook up and play, all wires included add $49.00 

• full face 18 gauge, round mesh black powder coated metal grill with all mounting hardware add $19.95
• inside dampening padding material to avoid unwanted resonances add $12.50


• NOTE, purchase the entire kit, and save! Complete kit includes: 1 Bass Guitar Empty Cabinet with Beauty Orange Tolex  finish, full face grill cover, GPA H985 super tweeter, jack plate with cross over connectors and tweeter volume attenuator, dampening  padding material, everything included and installed, ready to drop your speakers in, and play! Message us for more info!


• Colors available in TEXTURE FINISH TOLEX,  see additional pictures, Fire Red, charcoal black, Bronco black, Elephant skin black Choose the color of your choice at no charge!