1X12 Bass Guitar Empty Speaker Cabinet Black Carpet
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  • 1X12 Bass Guitar Empty Speaker Cabinet Black Carpet

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This Sale is for one 1X12 with tweeter Empty Bass Guitar speaker cabinet

This cabinet is designed professionally for a single 12" bass guitar speaker and a mini size supper horn tweeter, designed and made  as small as possible and still good sounding cabinet with out breaking your back, This cabinet is ideal as standing alone or as a extension because its compact design and appearance. 100 % US madeNOTE, when you buy American made product, you are helping US economy to recover and keep jobs in AMERICA thank you!!  

  • Size: 21.5"W X 16"D X 16"H. • Weight, aprox 24 lbs, Note, shipping weight will change since UPS charges for dimensional weight!
  • This cabinet includes: 
  • Dual metal input jack plate with original speakon connector and wire, ready to hook up your speaker; 
  • 2 each  3”diameter plastic port tube to help with the tuning; 
  • 2 Heavy duty bar handles • 8 each ABS Plastic corners stackable, and 4 rubber feet,
  • Construction: ¾” (18mm) light weight multilayer plywood, available in Six (6) different finish (see additional pictures), 

black indoor outdoor carpet, (standard) Note, this cabinet can be used in vertical position!!


  • OPTIONAL: Charcoal black Tolex add $19.00, Beauty Orange,  Ivory White or Fire Red, Bronco black, Elephant skin Tolex add $24.95 see pictures gallery


  • Optional: Inside dampening material to avoid unwanted resonances, add $15.50 ;
  • Full face black powder coated 18 gauge coarse round mesh metal grill with mounting hardwares add $19.95 ; see picture 3
  • 5"x7" metal jack plate with speakon original Amphenol  connectors, High pass cross over with volume attenuator, PAD25 and 33/4"X33/4" mini horn tweeter with screw on compression driver, this kit has been specially and professionally designed for this application, complete kit, $79.95 see picture 5


  • NOTE, purchase the entire kit, and save! Complete kit includes: 1 Bass Guitar Empty Cabinet black carpeted finish, full face grill cover, PAD25 with 33/4"x33/4supper tweeter, jack plate with cross over connectors and tweeter volume attenuator, dampening  padding material, everything included and installed, ready to drop your 12'' speaker in, and play! $199.00see picture 3, thanks for watching, 

NOTE, when purchasing extra accessories or a complete kit, leave us a message so we can adjust your invoice